Irrigation Installation & Repair

From fixing or replacing broken sprinkler heads and pipes, to installing new, automatic irrigation systems.

Florida Lawns Need Consistent Watering

Whether it's burying new irrigation pipes, replacing or repairing sprinkler heads, installing new timer systems or replacing solanoids, TerraScapes can perform all of your irrigation installation and repair needs. Automatic irrigation supports healthier yards, and in Florida with our hot climate and harsh sun, consistent and plentiful lawn watering regiments are needed to maintain healthy, green grass. Simply put, residential or commercial properties without an irrigation system are at risk of losing their lawns.

If you are starting to see brown spots, or just tired of walking and spraying a hose nozzle up and down your lawn and flower beds, it may be time for an automatic irrigation system. TerraScapes can install new drip lines and extensions off existing irrigation systems to give your flower beds the same treatment your grass enjoys, or install new systems from scratch.

TerraScapes has many years of experience repairing and installing sprinkler and irrigation systems in Florida, for both properties that have reclaimed water or are using the general county water supply. TerraScapes is up-to-date on all state, county and municipal ordinances around reclaimed and standard water usage for lawns. When we install or repair irrigation systems we discuss and set all of our clients' automatic irrigation schedules to provide optimal watering amounts and times that abide by all laws and regulations and are environmentally sustainable. In most local areas, property owners are able to provide their lawns with more regular watering in the first month after laying new sod (as often as daily). TerraScapes will setup irrigation schedules to maximize watering in this first month, then come back to adjust timers and schedules to what is permitable long-term.
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Irrigation Installation and Repair

A healthy lawn is a well-watered lawn.TerraScapes will install the timer systems or repair your existing systems and has experience with systems such as:

  • Rain Bird
  • Toro
  • Hunter
  • Orbit
  • 2 Wire Systems